Day 1 (Thu 7 April 2022)

Helmut Katzgraber, “Combinatorial optimization with graph neural networks”

Emma Frejinger, “Data-driven discrete optimization for real large-scale applications”

Brad Lackey, “Mapping circuit fault diagnosis problems to unconstrained binary optimization”

Hideo Mabuchi, “Bifurcation analysis of Coherent Ising Machines”

Surya Ganguli, “Statistical mechanics of high dimensional optimization landscapes in the Coherent Ising Machine”

Zoltan Torockai, “Precision as a limiting factor in efficient solution of hard combinatorial problems with analog, continuous-time solvers”

Swati Gupta, “Warm-starts for solving Max-Cut with QAOA”

Pooya Ronagh, “Mixed-integer programming using a bosonic quantum computer”

Day 2 (Fri 8 April 2022)

Alex Gaeta, “Recent advances in integrated photonics for chip-based Ising Machines”

Nir Davidson, “Simulating spins and solving computational problems with coupled lasers”

Peter McMahon, “Ising solving using an optical matrix-vector multiplier”

Alireza Marandi, “Few-cycle nonlinear photonics: from nanoscale devices to large-scale circuits”

Dirk Englund, “Can we control errors in ‘analog’ optical transformations? Implications for Ising solvers and deep learning inference”

Chris H. Kim, “CMOS oscillator based Ising Machines”

Jaijeet Roychowdhury, “Oscillator Ising Machines: New developments”

Yoshihisa Yamamoto, “Impact of quantum fluctuations in Coherent Ising Machines”

Timothée Leleu, “Modern neuromorphic approach to combinatorial optimization”

Masanao Yamaoka, “Outline and present status of CMOS annealing”